Sunday, January 1, 2012

All done Mommy?

I finally finished Evan's Funky Monkey quilt. I always seem to get distracted when it comes to projects for myself or my immediate family. I finished this one last night, yes, New Years Eve! I was very very sick so we stayed home. What else is there to do but hand stitching when one's butt is parked on the couch for 12 hours? I took a 3 hour nap in the late afternoon, so it put my finish time right at midnight. I was literally sweating at one point. I've been working on this project for, well, I don't want to think of how long. My original post is here.

Here it goes...

Sewing the last line. It feels so good!

Ironing the binding

This is my official binding sewing chair. I can prop my feet up and have the quilt at the right level. My eyes are getting bad! (this was before I got sick. Notice there are no more pictures after this one of me.)


Back...I wanted to piece it. I love the yearbook fabric at the bottom. It's so cute with all the monkey portraits.
"Funky Monkey, My Little Monkey"
Made with all my <3
Evan William Maddison
Rebecca Marie Maddison
Greenwood Village, CO
December 2011
(the number 2 signifies that he was 2 years old when I made the quilt)
Evan loves his monkeys!

Finally where it belongs...on his bed!

I made this curtain valance a while ago. I used the actual curtains from his nursery decor. I'm hoping to reuse them for a long time! They have the insulated lining on them. My mom made them when she was here after Evan was born.

I made this a bit ago as well. I had a bunch of left over scraps. My next project is to maybe cover the lamp shades in monkeys. 

I think this turned out really nice. I'm glad I decided to do monochromatic and mixed blocks. It makes it interesting and fun. I learned a lot about making a pattern. I definitely have to measure, measure, measure and measure again.It's fun to measure and plan, but usually it just comes out how it's going to come out.

I already know my next projects. A bed runner for my mother-in-law, a king sized quilt for Marc & I and a play size quilt for my friend's daughter. I have a whole list of other smaller items. We'll see how they get finished!

Happy 2012. May it be the best yet!

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  1. Ugh! I've been trying to comment here and on fb but neither worked.


    WAY TO GO!!!

    It's really cute. I like your pattern. You have a good creative eye. And his room is so cute! That quilt pulls it all together. I love sock monkeys. This is just a cool quilt, girlie.

    Sorry you were sick on New Year's. Or at all.

    Happy sewing!