Sunday, December 25, 2011

Project Mania

My sewing machine has been on overtime for the last two weeks. I have made a slew of projects for the holidays... Don't mind the orientation on some of the photos. I changed it several times and they won't import correctly. If you have a tip for me, let me know!

Apron, pot holder and kitchen towel set

Little Girl Purses

Towel and pot holder set

Trivet set

Placemat Set 

Both sides of a butterfly lovey. It matches the quilt I made for the
little girl earlier this year just after her birth.


6 of these bad boys...super hero capes!
Half apron (It's double sided!)

It's been a lot of fun. I haven't really followed any patterns. Just looked at pictures for the shapes and dimensions and went for it. I love figuring things out!

First order of business is to potty train my little guy this week while simutaneously machine quilting the last lines on his Funky Monkey quilt. Geesh, this project is going on for ever! I will finish it in the first two weeks of January.

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