Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sammi's Pinka Ballerina

I started cutting this quilt out during the Winter of 2010. It took me a while because I only had a few moments here and there.
Original pattern. I may use this for another project.
 I created the pattern above. Then I saw a beautiful pattern in the Jan/Feb 2011 McCall's Quilting magazine designed by Amanda Murphy. It's called Flower Beds.
I laid out all the blocks and realized that I wanted it to be longer. I added a finished 1 inch white strip between each row. 
 Then I wanted to add a border so I sketched this diagram for the sides and top/bottom. I thought a graduated color pattern would be really fun.
 Here is the pieced together top.
This is the back side of the back of the quilt. I used the periwinkle marble fabric for one side, added a strip of the Angelina Ballerina fabric and finished it with the dark pink marble fabric on the other side.

I basted this quilt and had to re-baste it yesterday. I tried to do it in sections and that was awful. The material pulled and got bunched up in the machine quilting. I spent 2 hours Sunday night ripping seams and then another 2 hours with my friend on Monday ripping seams. We finally taped it down and put in the pins at almost 4PM that day. I'm so thankful she helped. And, her kitchen floor is the perfect size to baste a quilt! Problem solved!

I will be quilting Pinka Ballerina this week. Goodness...it's coming down to the wire. Sammi's 2nd birthday party is 18 days away. Please pray for me!


  1. No worries! If you spend a week quilting it, and a week working on the binding you will have time to spare!
    Finding an area to baste can be hard. I'm glad you know someone with a large enough kitchen floor. And if you offer to sweep and mop it for her, she will love it when you come to baste!

  2. Oooo, good idea Teresa. I'll have to do that from now on!

  3. Thanks for sharing your design process. It's always interesting to see how other quilter's brains work to come up with an idea.

    God speed on whipping out that quilt!!! :)