Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rinse, lather, repeat & repeat & repeat

Progress has been made on Pinka Ballerina. I have the vertical machine quilting done on half of the inside area. I was telling Mad Madd that if I didn't have to set up and tear down the work area every day things could move much more quickly. This is my wish list if we ever have a house...

  • Master suite with garden tub (we have one now and I will never look back!)
  • Evan's room with a bathroom nearby
  • Some kind of secret kid space(loft, hidden door/room etc)
  • Guest/Computer room
  • Guest bathroom
  • Sewing/craft room
  • Painting shed somewhere on the property
  • Large kitchen with a breakfast nook
  • Play area
  • Fenced backyard for Ella the dog
  • Pool and hot tub
  • Yoga room
  • Garage for all of Mad Madd's tools and stuff
  • Garage for my car (red Honda is parked outside as of right now)
  • French front doors made of antique or barn wood
  • Over sized fire place with a huge mantel for photos
  • Walls big enough for my paintings and quilts
I'm sure this list could go on forever. These are the things we dream about while in our 2 bd/2 bth apartment.

Tahhh Dahhh...sewing area!


  1. Hmmm thats a long list. At one time I had my machine on a card table(those hard plastic top folding tables don't bounce like a regular card table)
    I'm excited to see your next quilt.

  2. This is one of those flimsy card tables. I couldn't find a square one that was the hard plastic. Sometimes I put my machine on our wood dinning room table. I'm a sewing nomad!

  3. I have a dream house list, too. It's so fun to fantasize about the perfect home. Mine includes a round Hobbit Hole front door. We'll see... :)

    I'm sorry that you have to be a sewing nomad! My dining room doubles as a sewing room so I only have to pack up shop when we have guests, which is once a week at most. It's nice.

    Now I want you to get a larger place just so you can sew more easily. :)