Sunday, March 13, 2011

I thought basting was a culinary term!

I was basting the Angelina Ballerina quilt in my very, very, very small kitchen. I had to push some of the fabric on one side and tape the other side. This was proving to be very annoying. I could only baste half of the quilt at one time. Well, I did what any other sane person would do. I ripped up it from that very, very, very small kitchen floor and took it to the carpet in the living room. As I was doing that I thought, "I'd rather be basting a chicken!"
That put a smile on my face and I proceeded to baste the darn quilt on the carpet. Well, that wasn't a good idea either. I'm finding that with machine quilting you have to really have the sandwich taut. We'll try again tomorrow! The whole thing made me feel like my son. He got angry when we took a lemon away from him tonight before bed time. Awe...


  1. Really when we were house searching, and then looking at a couple base units, I was looking for a proper basting area. And luckily my dining room works well, even for that big king I need to quilt.

  2. oh been there done that!! I'm just learning to do freemotion quiling and you're right it has to be taut!! Your son's picture is just too cute!!!

  3. So sorry, girl. I am lucky enough to have a large dining room with wood flooring. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have that. Cry, probably. And try to get JB to let us move to a more proper "quilting house." Good luck finding a way to baste!