Sunday, March 13, 2011

Katja's purple night sky

Third time is a charm or in this quilts case a strip. I began this quilt when I lived with my best girlfriend for a short few weeks in 2006. It was right around her daughters first birthday. I told her that I would finish it by the time she was two. I knew this one had a lot of hand sewing in it. It was free that an actual term? Well, I didn't use a stencil and just stitched what ever came to mind. Marc and I would drive to the mountains later that winter. During our long drives out I-70 I would bring my hoop. Sometimes I would get a little car sick.

I took wide strips of fabric of different width and sewed them together. It was very simple. I really wanted the hand quilting to be showcased. I used a silver metalic thread so it would twinkle. For the binding I took a wide strip of fabric and folded it in half. I then slid it up the edge of the quilt and used the machine with a zig-zag stitch. I thought this would hold up better than the flip and blanket stitch that I had used on the previous two quilts. Little did I know this technique was taking me closer to the real binding process.

I made curtains from the solid lavendar that is on the quilt top. They were just sewn in a very simple square with a room darkening fabric behind. They turned out good. After they moved into their house Marc and I went over to help paint. Her room is a lemon lime and purple. We also put up some wallpaper shapes of flowers and bugs. Turned out pretty good.

This is my stab at sewing letters. Not the greatest, but again, homemade with love!
I use to go by Becky. And, some people, mostly family, still refer to me as Becky. When I was hired for my "big girl' job at Fox Sports Network Rocky Mountian I decided to grow up and go by Rebecca. It's fun to hear people call me Becky. It reminds me of my younger days.
This is Galina and her oldest daughter, Katja. We were making our annual Christmas cookies. I made the little apron that Katja has on.  December 2008
Here's the story behind Galina and I. We met when I first moved to Colorado from Michigan and worked as a server/bartender at Ruby Tuesdays. She had moved to Colorado from NY after meeting her now husband online. We didn't get a long. After I stopped working at the restaurant she called me and we went out for coffee. The rest is history. We have so many great memories now...New Years Eve 2004/2005 when she was pregnant and we didn't know, eating at Sweet Tomato, buying her flowers when she was in labor, her bottle feeding Evan when he was like 3 weeks old. I could go on and on. Both of our "families" have changed and it's exciting to have someone close geographically that I consider family.

I'll post more photos of the quilt top later. This is the only one I have in my album.

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