Monday, March 14, 2011

Elyse's summer watermelon

This quilt was for my wonderful girlfriend's baby daughter. She was born 2 weeks after Evan. I gave it to her for her shower gift sometime in April 2009(I think). I always wanted to make something in pink and green. My SIL helped me name this creation. By the time this quilt came along I started to document things a little better. Below are all the fabrics (minus the border). Then there is an early sketch that obviously transformed.

I ultimately created this pattern off the basis of the pinwheel pattern that my SIL made for Evan. I took it in a different direction and added my own twist. This one was really fun. Plus, I was still dreaming of having a girl so all the pink just DID it for me.
I closed this quilt with a green fabric. I like to use darker fabrics so it doesn't get dirty. There is a combo of sewing on this one. I hand quilted the blocks and a flower in the center. In the center of the flower I did a tie. I machine sewed both sides of the binding. I didn't have my walking foot so you can see how the fabric shifts as the needle was going.

Elizabeth and I met during yoga teacher training. We are both from Michigan and had an instant connection. I attended the first class she taught. I remember that she asked me to be up front. We have a wonderful journey together as yoga teachers, wives and mamas. The picture below is from her wedding. I was most likely pregnant.

From left to right: me, Elizabeth, Tricia(one of our other friends from yoga teacher training). August 2008


  1. Oh, I still have to add a label to this one. Another project to add to the growing list.

  2. You're so creative at making patterns! I see a lot of people making patterns but yours are interesting and you also use pretty fabric, so the piece really pops.