Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Evan's hugs and kisses

This quilt made my fingers and eyes hurt. The squares were so small. And, for some reason I had a hard time keeping all the squares lined up. Sew me! LOL

I can't remember exactly how I came upon the around the world pattern. I believe it was my SIL. I didn't follow a pattern. I did, however, make a grid so I would know how many squares of each color to cut. This is a great pattern to use a lot of different fabric. I believe you could use a different fabric for every diagonal. I started with the main fabric then 3 coordinating, main fabric, 3 different coordinating, main fabric, a repeat of the first 3 fabrics and finally the main fabric in each corner.
March 27, 2009: Finally getting this thing basted! Evan's due date was May 30.

This was hours before we left to be induced. That's our Bordie Collie mix, Ella.
I bound this quilt the day we left for the hospital-May 20, 2009 . I had to be induced due to growth restriction. This was a  huge scare for Marc and I. It was probably the most challenging 2 days of my life. He was okay in the end. Evan William came into this world via emergency c-section on May 22, 2009 and weighed 5 lbs, 14oz. I remember laying on the operating table trying to reach for him. All I could say was, 'bring him to me!'
I hand quilted x's and o's into each square. I wanted my son to be wrapped in my hugs and kisses all the time. The back is three different flannels. The stitches look really nice, you know what I mean? It's when they are all close and feel like your favorite stuffed animal from when you were a kid.

Evan recently started to sleep with this quilt at night and during naps. I love peeking in and seeing him under it in so much peace.
I also made curtains. Well, my mom actually sewed the curtain part. I did the valance part. I plan to use the curtain part for many years to come. They have thermal black out material on the back side. So nice! They are full length(longer than the picture shows). I'll be replacing the polka dot print once his next quilt is made.


  1. See I got to watch this quilt(and the watermelon) come together through emails. And after you had Evan and were under piles of diapers and bottle feedings and couldn't quilt email with me anymore I started my blog. Its a flashback to that time to see these quilts :)

  2. I love it Teresa. That is how it all started!

  3. I love the Trip Around the World pattern--I'm actually doing it for my second daughter's twin bed. It's going to use over 26 fabrics.

    You've always had an eye for color and did a good job putting this one together. And the X's and O's is a sweet idea!

    Also, aren't children so cute when they're sleeping? Or maybe it's just the cute ones. Either way, Evan looks precious in his blankie. Love it.

  4. Thanks April.

    Wow! Are you going to use all those reproduction fabrics? That is going to be beautiful. What size are you making each square? I hope you have started to cut them out. Or are you waiting to make it since she won't use it for a while?

    YES! All kids are cute when they sleep. It's my favorite time of the day!