Sunday, March 20, 2011

I am not high maintenance, but...

my machine sure is!

I started to quilt the newest project that has to be done by Saturday, April 9, 2011. I'll post more of the process behind this later. I was going along happy as a clam with my machine. Then I turned it over and oh my goodness! The bottom thread was just laying on the fabric and the loops from the top were sticking out. I was tense... har har! I decided it was a good time to clean and oil my machine. Mad Madd (my husband) got me the machine a few weeks before my birthday last year. I sewed the binding on Kira's quilt; pieced, quilted and bound the Sunny Flower wall hanging and finally pieced the Pinka Ballerina that is in the current works.

I have a confession. I have NEVER oiled or cleaned a sewing machine in my entire sewing career. You can give me a slap on the wrist. It's probably deserved. Now that my machine is pretty much brand new I wanted to keep it in working order.
Scalpel please!
Lots of furry friends to evict!
Test strip. I ran it through until the stitches were oil free.
Oiled, cleaned, new needle and tension adjusted...all is well!
Now I can really get busy. If Pinka Ballerina is going to be wrapped up with a bow I have to get busy.



  1. I just oiled my machine a couple days ago, too. It was making angry sounds as I was trying to sew lots of velcro. Now it's just making mild angry sounds when I try to sew velcro. I think I need to get back to sewing plain old cotton. The machine responds to that better. :)

    Happy sewing! May your bobbin never run out! ha.

  2. My Juki manual says if you use it everyday you should oil it everyday. I oil every few uses, or if I'm about to do something big, or have just done something big. (but I don't change my needle unless it breaks and almost flies into my eyeballs. Smart eh?)

    YAY for you keeping your machine happy. And for learn the ins and outs!