Friday, March 18, 2011

Sunny Flowers wall hanging

Drum roll, please! My very first moda project. Yes, it's true. I graduated from big box store fabric to soft, quality, modern fabric.

My SIL(sunny spot quilts blog) invited me to do a sew along. It was the lucky charm by Pat Sloan. Wow, she's a talented bird! She does great tutorials. Here is the link. It's really easy and she even provides a bonus project for your scraps.

We started this sew along August 27th. My SIL finished hers right along with everyone else. I on the other hand had other plans. Actually, it's called procrastinating. The quilt along calls for machine applique. I tried it and hated it. Hated is probably a strong word. I wasn't good at it. So, naturally, I folded up the project and forgot about it. Teresa (and surprising enough my husband) kept asking me about it and finally encouraged me to machine the darn thing. So, last week I dove in head first. I mean, this was a big deal. I had never finished a quilt this way. Was I selling my soul to the quilting devil? I have several more quilts to finish by May 2011. After taking the first few passes I decided that it was a great method and didn't have to give up my beloved hand quilting. Case closed!
Auditioning fabrics for binding.
Yellow sang the best.
Looks pretty good above the tube. This is probably where I'll hang seasonal projects. 

The binding was hand finished today. It took me 1.5 hours.

Many thanks to Pat Sloan. I have never followed a sew along or done HST. It was a blast!

Thanks to my SIL. I can't wait to start sharing our quilt emails again. xo 

Next time I'll be sure to use my 1/4 inch foot! I had just received a new machine from my husband and didn't realize the foot that came on it was not 1/4 inch. The seams are a little wonky. Oh well!!!

This completes my quilt history. Now you can look forward to current projects. 


  1. FABULOUS!!! I'm so proud of you!

  2. I'm proud too! YAY for diving into machine quilting! Can't wait to see what your working on now!

  3. Aaaaggghhh! Great job!
    So glad that machine quilting worked for you so that you have that as another option besides handquilting when the need arises.

    Isn't Moda fabric fun? We have several indie fabric shops in town and it's a blast to shop for great materials!

  4. Pat, thanks so much. I'm glad it's done. And, it's something I get to keep. Most projects end up at some one else's house.

    Just wait until I show you guys what's up my sleeve! I'm super excited.

    April, oh yeah, fabric shopping has become much more interesting. I've recently went to two in my are and found some great stuff.

    Thanks for all the encouragement!