Saturday, August 13, 2011

Raising a barn-HST

My SIL is leading my mom and I through this quilt. I'm making mine much smaller to cross another project off my list. This beauty will belong to my friend's second daughter.

I have enjoyed keeping this quilt straight. I color coded the graph, numbered all the fabrics, assigned them a spot in the quilt and am now laying out the quilt one quadrant at a time.
Color coding the graph

Numbering all the HST

my order system

don't mind the flannel behind. It's the only flannel I had on hand. 

My SIL apologized for this being so difficult for me. Well, it's my own dang fault! I decided to make all the fabrics in each color category order from 1-4. Yes, I have a problem with being random. It never looks right to me.

I secretly covet this quilt. Is that wrong?


  1. Wow. I could not pick coordinating colors like this--you've got skills! This is going to be totally awesome.

    And yes, it's okay to covet your artwork. :)

  2. Hey April,
    This is from Kate Spain's Central Park. The polka dot fabric was a random pick. I thought it would pretty as the center. I'm not sure I could match this well either if it were all from diff lines.

    I have a ton of left over so I'll be making myself something sooner or later...probably later!

  3. I love your block. It is going to be beautiful when done. I really admire you tackling this.