Saturday, April 9, 2011

Was that a flying pig?

Seriously! Pinka is done! DOOOOONE! It feels so good. I was obsessing over the quality of my machine work. Now that it's all done I think it looks really good.
Into the washer she goes! Date: 4/8/10 Time: 10:40 PM
I've always wanted to take a drappy photo of my projects.
All wrapped up!
I didn't see the little girl open the box. I'm pretty sure she will like it. If she's anything like most girls, she loves anything pink!

Onto the next project...Evan's 5 Funky Monkey. Stay tuned!


  1. do you like the way the machine quilted turned out?? It looks like fun to pet.

  2. I think it turned out good. I have a lot of improvement to make. I know it will get better in time...

  3. That border is really nice Rebecca! Heck, the whole thing looks great! But I especially like how the border isn't even on all sides. It kind of makes the center of the quilt seem to be floating on the canvas. That may not make sense...

    Anyway, yay for getting it done and yay for it being PRETTY!! :)

  4. I think it looks really awsome, Rebecca. you did a good job on it.