Thursday, April 7, 2011

Time warp

I've been hard at work on Pinka. I need to put the binding together, sew it to the quilt, hand sew the back of the binding, put in some ties and wash! All that before 9:45 am this Saturday. Yes, I said THIS Saturday. Goodness. Where did the time go?

  1. Went to the botanic gardens with my girlfriend and her daughter. The kids had so much fun so it was worth it!
  2. Spent 2 days in the hospital over the weekend
  3. Took 3 daytime naps (on separate days) due to hospital bed and crappy sleep
  4. Bobbin thread problems
  5. Worked at the retail store
  6. Doctor visit yesterday
  7. Plain old procrastination

I've got a good chunk of time today and tomorrow. I'll probably pull the quilt out of the dryer Saturday morning. Hail Mary!

Evan is a 'buggy'. That's what he calls it. 
Of course I need another project. Maybe this would be good for a baby doll blanket.
"Mom, stop playing dress up and work on your quilt!" Well, I don't think that's why he is upset. At least it gives me motivation.
I couldn't get the stitches in focus on my point and shoot digital camera. Someday I will update my rebel to a digital version.


  1. careful with the dress up, I once saw a little boy at the commissary in a similar dog costume and it wasn't even close to Halloween, and it looked really really wore, like the kid never takes it off worn.
    You can bang it out! Just keep going! It will feel great to finish it!

  2. I had put it on him that one day. He totally hated it! Okay...I should be putting my hands to work! The world might end if I finish this quilt on out!

  3. Did you make your deadline? You had a crazy week, especially with the hospital bit.

    You've got a fun little boy there! :)