Thursday, March 10, 2011

The lost 4 patch

My second quilt was started when I was still in high school. It was not finished until my sophomore/junior year of college. Guess I was a busy girl! This quilt was originally intended for the boy that I was dating. He was this totally fabulous blond Greek guy that went to Cranbrook. That's a private school in Birmingham, MI. My cousins knew him and I thought that was awesome! He skied, wanted to be a doctor and smoked Marlboro reds! Oh, and he was in college. We broke up my freshman year at Michigan State. Guess there was a better guy out there; hint, hint! From what I know, he is a doctor and has a beautiful family.

Any way...he picked out the fabrics. I spent all day cutting them at a friends house. My grandma Stevens actually helped me and commented that all my seams were uneven. I didn't care. It was homemade with love. Again, the binding was folded up from the backing fabric. This time I was more careful about the corners. The lost 4 patch lives on my bed for the moment. When I have time my husband and I want to pick out fabrics for a KING sized piece of quilted yumminess!

BTW, I have always hand quilted my projects. In the future you will see my canoodling with a walking foot!


  1. Marc must be secure in his status if he sleeps under a quilt meant for another man! Cute story! I have no cute quilt stories. I'm making my last ever ever ever KING sized quilt right now. It can be a real pain! But totally worth it.

  2. Teresa, I've seen the pieces of that king. It's going to be beautiful! That story is from a million years ago. He knows we are the real deal!

  3. I just finished the star quilt and I know there are many mistakes in it--but I also know that there is a bundle of love in it. King size quilts are a challenge to work on the machine--I could not even begin to think of trying to quilt it on the machine or even by hand--so I took it to someone with a longarm. She did a beautiful job. I can't wait to see what you both pick out together.