Sunday, June 26, 2011

A jump start

I have all the pieces cut for Evan's Funky Monkey quilt. I've been procrastinating sewing them together. Actually, I have been super busy. Between all the stuff I do it's hard to get a moment to set up my machine, have the head space to sew and then break down my sewing camp in the same day.

I've needed a jump start. In steps another project. Don't's funky monkey related!

Ella likes this project just as much as I do! This is a sample of the 85 inches it took to make the semi-ruffled curtains.

All the pieces for Funky Monkey quilt separated into blocks. 

Completed curtains. I originally sewed in a ruffle. Once I started to put them up on the wall the thread broke. S**t! So, I just tacked them to the wall and made them like a ribbon candy.

Open curtains. I made a very short brown tie. I really like them. Evan does, too!

I have the whole day off today. My machine is plugged in and ready to work. I'm going to knock out some of the blocks this afternoon. Mad Madd has to work this afternoon...kind of stinky. But every  cloud has a silver lining. Mine is that I have more time to be crafty.

To being crafty! (knock your needle and rotary cutter together) :)

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